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fwd: 40 of the best websites of non-profit

40 of the best websites of non-profit

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MySQL Live Webinars in May

May 20th – The New MySQL Connector/C++
May 20th – IDC Research – The Service-Enabled Infrastructure: Open Source Foundations to Empower Subscribers Webinar
May 21 – MySQL 5.4 Benchmarks In-Depth
May 21 – MySQL Performance Tuning Step-by-step
May 26 – High Performance, Low Cost: Scaling Reporting and Analytics for Large Data Volumes
May 27 – SmartScaling MySQL in the Internet Data Center
May 28 – (Customer Webinar) 6 Ways to Optimize Performance, Save Time and Lower Risk with a MySQL Enterprise Subscription

to register these web event(s), go to:

brought to you by:

MySQL/Sun Microsystems
4170 Network Circle
Santa Clara, CA 95054

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(SEO)an interesting post about impvoe oragnic search

(SEO)an interesting post about impvoe oragnic search

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Make a differenct thru. CEA!

Join the movement and defend a core American principle — Innovation

The Innovation Movement is a grass-roots campaign created by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)®, the producer of the International CES, for all those who believe innovation is vital to the national economic recovery and the overall health and prosperity of our nation.

As a CES attendee, we want to give you the opportunity to join the movement before it officially launches in June.

Members of The Innovation Movement will be provided information on how to make their voices heard on legislation that may impact the consumer electronics (CE) industry and harm innovation. Members will also be provided special action alerts if their congressional representatives are advocating legislation that may benefit or harm our industry.

The principles of the movement are embodied in the six Innovation Checklist criteria that CEA has urged Congress to use in evaluating every legislative proposal. We urge you to join the movement today and ensure America continues to prosper through innovation.

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