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Hello???!!! Take down Craigslist’s adult services section once for all!

written by Altit, Inc. -5/27/2009

written by Altit, Inc. -5/27/2009

Continue my last post, ‘End of Craigslist’ on 5/7/2009:

Under pressure, Craigslist removes its ‘Erotic’ ads. As I pointed out earlier, Craigslist has now getting pressure from both the black & white, namely, the white-the local state government official for its link of national, headlined crime like homicides, robberies, etc. tie with these ads.  However, as indicated in the NY Times atricle, Craigslist just change the word from ‘Erotic Services’ to ‘Adult Services’ & claiming that it’ll do its best to monitor the ads by its staff with now as a charge service to post these ads in its adult services section.

What bothers me is: what really change? from the word ‘erotic’ to ‘adult’, what really eliminates?  If anything changes, it’s Craigslist now can officially charge its customer who lists their adult service with a service fee (new revenue source for Craigslist, ‘cha-chin, Craig!’).  For what Craigslist claim they’ll monitor the ads are falling to its ‘adult service’ guidline to eliminate the possibility of prostitution, etc.,  you can go on to Craigslist’s now-new-adult service section to be the judge for yourself, it’s still the same kind of service they’re offer-phone number-no text, location, with a female picture exposing, what does that really lead you to?

I refuse to live in a society of denial that we’re fooling ourselves.  Not thing change from an update of a word on their website & now gives them a better excuse to make more money where we not willing to see the effect it serves as a link & platform to promote the illegal services & its tie to the possible homicides, the robberies, and other crimes.  I refuse to be as dumb & naive as those government official to think a change of word on its site really solve the main problem, please once for all, take down Craigslist’s adult services section!!!


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