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from the buzz words of Web 2.0, Cloud Computing, Agile… to now, Enterprise 2.0(part2 of 2)?


written by Altit, Inc. -5/1/2009

written by Altit, Inc. -5/1/2009

so what does that means? I can’t help to be like my gf, back to the role of everyday people, harras the mechnic for free info. if I have to. “what was Enterprise 1.0, what was the add-on to get to 2.0?” “By that definition-liberate the workforce from the constraints of legacy communication and productivity tools like email, NO Email???!!!” Certainly not, before I jump the gun to even ask anything about Enterprise 3.0, you know it’s just like the coin-phrased word Web 2.0 now, Enterprise 2.0 will be here to stay by the large companies to throw at you, but for good cost, yes, really, hopefully, this is really liberating us IT professionals, Analyst, Admin., Group users, Controller everybody who has been the victims of corp. america, planet starbucks, microsoft galaxy, the liberty to get better application if not, better use, user interface from the well-known ERP system, SAP, Oracle, sales f** for our sales force folks.  The ease of share info. quota, client info., market share to now days, medical info. personal info., ah… if there’s a day.  I certainly hope this isn’t by no means we turn our email away to twitter, plurk, list goes on thinking that’s the way we upgrade our Entprise communciation, application, resoruce for a ‘one good complete suite upgrade-like’ kind of revolution, but more truly a chane as we can really looking back as man kind, we had took our web technology to a next step beyond to do more useful & productive things in the everyday business application we use for the Enterprises, Fortune 100, 500 companies we all work for one time or another.


for more info. about Enterprise 2.0 Expo at Boston Waterfront, Bostn, MA from 6/22/09-6/25/09:

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