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Pinterest – search for pin/description in ‘just my pin’ won’t show up right away, usually few days.

Pinterest - search for pin/description in 'just my pin' won't show up right away, usually few days.

See Q&A.


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How To Reset a Windows Vista Password

Hack to reset your Windows Vista password

Tried 12/26/13, it does work.

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Fwd: The Great Lean Manufacturing – Visa Example

A synopsis of what SixSigma Lean is about:

Credit: Visa commercial

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fwd: 40 of the best websites of non-profit

40 of the best websites of non-profit

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Hello???!!! Take down Craigslist’s adult services section once for all!

written by Altit, Inc. -5/27/2009

written by Altit, Inc. -5/27/2009

Continue my last post, ‘End of Craigslist’ on 5/7/2009:

Under pressure, Craigslist removes its ‘Erotic’ ads. As I pointed out earlier, Craigslist has now getting pressure from both the black & white, namely, the white-the local state government official for its link of national, headlined crime like homicides, robberies, etc. tie with these ads.  However, as indicated in the NY Times atricle, Craigslist just change the word from ‘Erotic Services’ to ‘Adult Services’ & claiming that it’ll do its best to monitor the ads by its staff with now as a charge service to post these ads in its adult services section.

What bothers me is: what really change? from the word ‘erotic’ to ‘adult’, what really eliminates?  If anything changes, it’s Craigslist now can officially charge its customer who lists their adult service with a service fee (new revenue source for Craigslist, ‘cha-chin, Craig!’).  For what Craigslist claim they’ll monitor the ads are falling to its ‘adult service’ guidline to eliminate the possibility of prostitution, etc.,  you can go on to Craigslist’s now-new-adult service section to be the judge for yourself, it’s still the same kind of service they’re offer-phone number-no text, location, with a female picture exposing, what does that really lead you to?

I refuse to live in a society of denial that we’re fooling ourselves.  Not thing change from an update of a word on their website & now gives them a better excuse to make more money where we not willing to see the effect it serves as a link & platform to promote the illegal services & its tie to the possible homicides, the robberies, and other crimes.  I refuse to be as dumb & naive as those government official to think a change of word on its site really solve the main problem, please once for all, take down Craigslist’s adult services section!!!

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MySQL Live Webinars in May

May 20th – The New MySQL Connector/C++
May 20th – IDC Research – The Service-Enabled Infrastructure: Open Source Foundations to Empower Subscribers Webinar
May 21 – MySQL 5.4 Benchmarks In-Depth
May 21 – MySQL Performance Tuning Step-by-step
May 26 – High Performance, Low Cost: Scaling Reporting and Analytics for Large Data Volumes
May 27 – SmartScaling MySQL in the Internet Data Center
May 28 – (Customer Webinar) 6 Ways to Optimize Performance, Save Time and Lower Risk with a MySQL Enterprise Subscription

to register these web event(s), go to:

brought to you by:

MySQL/Sun Microsystems
4170 Network Circle
Santa Clara, CA 95054

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Is Cloud Computing Software’s next Silver Lining?

written by Altit, Inc. -5/1/2009

written by Altit, Inc. -5/20/2009

For us Techies & probably everyone else, we certainly hope the answer is “yes”, but before we answer it, just like the President of a HIT company at LA who sits next to me at Interop 09′-Las Vegas Cloud Camp, a potential cloud computing buyer ask, “What is Cloud Computing?”

It’s self-healing, it’s scalable, it’s elastic, it’s share resource, it’s virtualization, it’s interpolating, it’s agility, it’s SAAS, it’s wiki, it’s blog, it’s away from the traditional dedicated services on hosting, ERP, etc. it’s… we, went through the discussion group and give the guy what the benefit could be as we see it.  To top it off, as we come out from the main discussion group, you can do hybrid mode as the car you drive, having centralized database while have portion of your IT infrastructure up on the cloud to have the benefit of both world.

But I think we just make our potential buyer more confuse than ever, he ask, “Can I go to somewhere and buy this from someone?” *I’m sure we all share a laugh on that one inside*

Perhaps, Cloud Computing is all we imagine this day in time that large companies like Sun Micro Systems that has the power to put 700 SuperNAS in the desert of Las Vegas, NV pumping out 100 degree+ of cold air every hour to be potentially one of the big cloud floating at Las Vegas, NV, companies like Microsoft, Amazon, that promise the world of security, agility, interoperability from their application/database/E-Commerce Solutions, why are we hesitant to answer this guy that’s already willing to open his wallet, swipe his credit card to say you go here, and this is how much to the cloud you’re buying?

Because we all know it’s a concept, it’s a grand, giant Techie dream that one day, Super, Super computing can go to its next generation of SuperNAS, SilverLight, Self-Healing SQL Database, Interchange-able Sales Query, share Hub orders, eliminate of EDI transfer across vendor, sub-vendors in the long list of Supply Chain, United electornic boards, memory, resources to compute each of the task we execute in the man-kind that no single resource was wasted in the down-time to simply become a generate heater in the middle of hot summer day that when single workstation knows to self-shuts itself when it’s fully idle to conserve green engery, to self-heal itself when virus attack, to self-maxmize resource as allocation hits 80/90%, if there’s a day like that… *Utopia, we dream under the cloud* ^^

With that, we went on to discuss our most, immediate interest, “If it’s so efficient in the cloud for self healing, self elastic, etc., will we ever lose our job under the cloud?” or completely the opposite,”Is Cloud Computing Software’s next Silver Lining?”

Me, personally, I like to think & believe it’s the later, Cloud Computing would be the next Silver Lining for the software industry and probably taking us to another whole new generation we can’t imagine-We all work in the polo-shirts of Microsoft, Amazon,, you are a DBA-you wear Microsoft SQL logo on your shirt, you’re a CRM application designer-you wear logo on your shirt.  My radical prediction that the techie industry gonna consolidate even more than currently has been, but we will be the one writing programming & codes to fully archive our dream of ‘self-healing’ database, ‘self-elastic’ computing resources, interploating sales order across enterprise’s SAP/SalesForce application & modules, giving all the platform (Super NAS, desktop, laptop, smart phones) as cyborg kind of intelligences to self-start itself on/off-to conserve the power we give them, to archive our goal of green environment. In the world of super-computing-large software enterprise, giant hardware manufacturer, let’s hope each of us Techie as the individual rain maker all working together with those common goal to bring the next Silver Lining from each of the Cloud we produce, we’ll be prosper more than ever in the rain of joy under the gaint, global cloud-green than ever can be.

For those of you who is interested about the topic and a similar discussion group, you can find out at:

“Is Cloud Computing Software’s next Silver Lining?” by Caltech/MIT Enterprise Forum
on Saturday, June 13, 2009 8am
at the California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, California

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(SEO)an interesting post about impvoe oragnic search

(SEO)an interesting post about impvoe oragnic search

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Make a differenct thru. CEA!

Join the movement and defend a core American principle — Innovation

The Innovation Movement is a grass-roots campaign created by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)®, the producer of the International CES, for all those who believe innovation is vital to the national economic recovery and the overall health and prosperity of our nation.

As a CES attendee, we want to give you the opportunity to join the movement before it officially launches in June.

Members of The Innovation Movement will be provided information on how to make their voices heard on legislation that may impact the consumer electronics (CE) industry and harm innovation. Members will also be provided special action alerts if their congressional representatives are advocating legislation that may benefit or harm our industry.

The principles of the movement are embodied in the six Innovation Checklist criteria that CEA has urged Congress to use in evaluating every legislative proposal. We urge you to join the movement today and ensure America continues to prosper through innovation.

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End of Craigslist?

written by Altit, Inc. -5/1/2009

written by Altit, Inc. -5/7/2009

With the recent trouble Craiglist has ran into with law enforcement from the incidents such as the massage therapist killing in Boston, MA, student assault, hit man ad., etc. etc,  it’s no surprised that law enforcement is going after part of the source, the once proclaimed non-profit, free ads-only website for mainly what it had started with-free listing for anyone, anywhere*.  With that, it is certainly many Craigslist haters would loves to see-an end of Craiglist.  Before we decide it’s a good thing-end of violence vs. bad-end of free ads. (well, free for 90%-95% of the ads according to Craig himself), it’s hard not to overlook why there’s such a push to bring-down Craigslist-a visit to the nation of Criag haters.

Change of Business Plan

Craigslist has started in 1995 proclaimed as a website of non-profit, free ads for apartment listing, etc. & had to change most of its business plan for ‘sustain/keep up with the economic condition as Craig call it back in 2007/2008.  But, Mr. Craig, from the Criag haters (not me), what is there to keep up in the business of “non-profit”?  In fact, Craig has repeated say Craigslist is aim to provide that free medium for programmers, ordinary people like you and me to freely list their services & products.  With the investment came in from ebay (about 10% of Craigslist revenue), it’s no surprise a lot of people (include the ‘special adult service’ ads contributors) has this love & hate relationship with Craigslist.  Love-probably for the anywhere, any time, any kind of people visit the site.  Hate for the $25+- charges for those special ads.

Hate of Internet-Marketer

Putting those hate aside for a min., I do have to come in with my netural postion & said Craigslist does initited some of the great check-up features such as a word verification, auto response block, spam blocks, flood IP blocks to fight for the ‘Evils’  (Evil as Mr. Craig himself calls).  With that, I really have to say Good/Evil is really in the eye of be-holder.  Internet-Marketer/On-line Opportunitist such as that prince from Nigiria probably hates Craig to death, but for majorty of people who just want to have a fair chance to buy ticket from ticketmaster, being left-alone from the spam does owe Craig a big, thank you note on his desk, and yet, that’s exactly why if you go to most of the forum of Internet-Marketer to see they lable Mr. Craig & his lovely site as evil, bad invention for Internet Marketer (see:

Rise of Blog/Blogger

As if not enough enemies for Craig already from just the ‘Special Service Provider’, Internet Marketer, the recent pouplarity of Blog, the growth of blogger population also be another population that is taking the Craigslist business away.  Blogers now can easily use the same medium/plateform to advertise a specfic product/services with text, imagine, flash, if not more, cross promot one another, AND get paid by Google and other blog promoters.  If I have to guess, this is really the part that Mr. Craig was really thinking & refering ‘the tough condition that Craiglist is experiencing’ when they change their business plan to sustain their business-from the rise of Blogs.

see example: WC Over Stock Site

As much as I, personally like the many items I got to sell thru. Craiglist without paying the heavy listing fee, commission to ebay, amazon, and others, I do have to say the bad experience of being stood up by buysers, flood by spamer for your listing, is also those frustration from Craiglist, not hate, that most of people really loves Craig, hates Craig, too.  But, for Craig now, maybe is for the fact being too famous, the white-the law enforcement, the black-the hit man, the ‘special service provider’, the ‘good/evil’ online marketer (prince from Nigiria), all going after Craig, I have to keep my finger cross for Mr. Craig-you maybe on the most-wanted list by Black & White.

*As of 2009, Craigslist serves to 570 Cities, 50 countries.

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